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Withdrawals From Accounts

Unless otherwise clearly indicated by the Bank, anyone who signs in the space designated for signatures on the Signature Card (which may be included on the application form itself), including authorized signers, may withdraw or transfer all or any part of the account balance at any time on forms approved by us or with your ATM card or debit card. You authorize every person signing the Signature Card to endorse any item payable to you or your order for deposit to this account or to complete any other transaction with us, unless and until we receive written notice to the contrary.

The Bank may have additional requirements for specific withdrawal methods, such as wire transfers.

If your account has multiple signers, the Bank is only required to verify one of them to process the transaction.

The fact that we may honor withdrawal requests that overdraw the account balance does not obligate us to do so, unless required by law. Withdrawals will first be made from available funds, and we may, unless prohibited by law or our written policy, refuse any withdrawal request against unavailable funds, even if our general practice is to the contrary. We reserve the right to refuse any withdrawal or transfer request that is attempted by any method not specifically permitted or that exceeds any frequency limitations. Even if we honor a nonconforming request, repeated abuse of the stated limitations (if any) may eventually force us to close the account. We will use the date a transaction is completed by us (as opposed to the day you initiated it) to apply the frequency limitations.

Telephone Transfers
A transfer of funds from your account to another account with us by telephone, if otherwise permitted or arranged for, may be made by the same persons and under the same conditions generally applicable to withdrawals made in writing.

Savings Accounts
We permit no more than 6 pre-authorized transfers, electronic fund transfers, or telephone transfers from our savings accounts per statement cycle. We permit unlimited pre-authorized transfers or deposits into these accounts.

Money Market Accounts
We permit no more than 6 pre-authorized transfers, electronic fund transfers, telephone transfers, check, draft, point-of-sale or similar orders from our Money Market accounts per statement cycle, made by you and payable to third parties from money market account. We permit unlimited pre-authorized transfers or deposits into these accounts.

Limitation Clarification
You can make limited pre-authorized transfers, electronic transfers, or telephone transfers from your statement savings account(s) or Money Market account(s) as described above. The limitations on pre-authorized transfers do not apply to pre-authorized transfers made to pay loans you have with us or to withdrawals or transfers to another account that you maintain by us if made by mail, messenger, or to withdrawals authorized by telephone but paid by a check mailed to you. If you repeatedly exceed the limitations on pre-authorized transfers, electronic transfer, or telephone transfers, we may charge you a fee in accordance with our Schedule of Fees. We may be required to close the account, take away the account's pre-authorized or telephone transfer capabilities, or convert the account to a NOW account or non-interest bearing checking account. We will advise you of any violations.

Unauthorized preauthorized withdrawals from a business or non-personal account
If your account is a business account or other non-personal account and you believe that withdrawals or debits from the account that are made by preauthorized withdrawals (ACH) are unauthorized, you must notify us no later than 2:00PM Eastern Time on the business day following the day the transaction was posted to your account in order for us to return this transaction and to credit the amounts back to your account.   The Bank cannot guarantee that requests received after this time will be eligible for return or that your account will be credited for the amounts.