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Login Authentication Process

As your bank, our job is to keep your account(s) secure, no matter what device you use to log-in. That’s why we use the latest online security technology to authenticate account login attempts.

Behind-the-Scenes Device Authentication

Each time you or an authorized user attempts to login to an account, our banking platform will run a series of security measures in the background to determine if the device being used has been previously used to login. If the device being used to access the account is recognized, you will only be prompted to enter the valid User ID and Password to gain access.

Two-Factor Login Authentication

However, in the event you or an authorized user attempts an account login from a device that is not automatically recognized by the system, we have implemented Two-Factor login authentication. This latest technology requires you to type in your registered account password, as well as a one-time security code (sent immediately to a second device registered to the account) in order to login. To ensure that this authentication operates smoothly, it is imperative that you verify the accuracy of your contact information on file on a regular basis, updating when necessary.

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